IPS – International Partners in Steel

KALTENBACH in-house exhibition

IPS – International Partners in Steel

KALTENBACH in-house exhibition

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Information about the next IPS

The continuing difficult situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic has already prevented us from holding the IPS last time. Due to the continued restricted travel activities as well as various changes and renovations at the Lörrach site, the exhibition cannot be implemented as usual and to its full extent.

Due to this, we regret to inform that after long deliberations we had to decide against an IPS 2023.

We remain aware of the importance and scope of our in-house exhibition. Should the next IPS take place again, you will be informed about it here, or also under our news on our website https://www.kaltenbach.com/en/

KALTENBACH thanks you very much for your interest and we look forward to welcoming you again at the next International Partners-in-Steel!

IPS 2019_1

IPS 2019 Review

IPS 2019 - The Movie

Watch live demonstrations of the latest manufacturing technology


The International Partners in Steel Fair (IPS) is an overall event: Watch live demonstrations of the latest manufacturing technology, expand your knowledge with practice-oriented talks, take part in exclusive guided tours to learn about best practice. In this forward-looking sector, tomorrow‘s technologies and trends take centre stage. So at this year‘s event we will also be making space and time for sharing ideas and experiences. And not forgetting our fascinating program of fringe events, where successful, sustainable networks are created and developed at every IPS.

IPS is the market place for steel experts and presents an attractive support program enabling visitors the opportunity to network successfully:

  • Sheet metal, pipe, profile processing 
  • Handling, intra logistics
  • Separating, cutting
  • Surface treatment of metal sheets and profiles
  • Connect, welding, fastening
  • Forming
  • Tools




Erdmann Rath, Production Manager

"Thanks to the KC 1201 we have achieved a very high degree of automation. For over 11 years we have had high-quality machines from KALTENBACH and are very confident in the quality, especially the impeccable service which contributes to the longevity of the machine."

Stahlbau Fasshauer

Stahlbau Fasshauer

Gabriele Faßhauer, CEO

"We bought our first KALTENBACH machine in 1974 and in these 40 years have been very satisfied with it. This confirms the high quality of the products and the knowledgeable service from the company KALTENBACH. We are sure that the KDM 1015 and the KBS 1051 DG will remain with us for as long."

Hirt Schlosserei und Metallbau GmbH

Hirt Schlosserei und Metallbau GmbH

Heinz Hirt, CEO

"With our KALTENBACH machine we were able to increase our productivity. The overall package from KALTENBACH is perfect and absolutely reliable."



Dominik Breidenbach

"For some weeks, we have been able to run the plant in the normal manner and we are - as are our customers - very satisfied with the smooth switchover."



André Buiting, director

"Thanks to our KALTENBACH machines we were able to decrease our processing times and thereby significantly increase our productivity. The service team is always easily accessible and they always find a solution which matches their motto “nothing is impossible”."

    Convince yourself at the IPS of the company as system provider, including machinery, partnerships and international service presence.



    KALTENBACH - a company which exists over 130 years.


    The robust design of all KALTENBACH machines allows a long lifespan.


    With over 20 partner representatives around the world and technology partnerships, KALTENBACH is showing an international presence.


    A close network of national and international service partners guarantee the immediate presence of a specialist on site.

    Many thanks to our exhibitors 2019


    People and machinery, steel and networking: Discover the attractions

    IMAGE GALLERY of the IPS 2019

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